At Dismas Project……

We believe in God the Father Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in a God who loves, a God who listens and A God who communicates with His people.

We believe that all lives have equal value to God.

We believe in the reality of good and evil as daily influences in our lives.

We believe that God has provided the resources to help us follow His leadership in our lives.

We believe that families can help to reshape the lives of those who have gone astray.

We believe in the power of prayer and forgiveness.

We believe that rehabilitation is a process which is initiated spiritually and bears fruit over a season of growth.

We believe that in helping others through the struggles of a criminal justice encounter, we are carrying out the great commission of Jesus Christ, by lifting up fallen brothers and sisters and comforting their family members.


Dismas Project is a non-profit Christian resource focused upon reaching the children, spouses and family members of offenders. This outreach also provides resources to those currently or previously incarcerated with the primary goal of helping families survive the criminal justice experience intact. There are few resources currently available for the millions of American citizens who are impacted by the justice system. Estimates run from 75-90 million family members who have a loved one who has been caught up in the criminal justice system.

These figures include educated guesses at the number of immediate and extended family members with loved ones who have been arrested, tried, sentenced under American criminal justice policies and laws. These numbers are staggering and collectively represent upwards of a third of the U.S. population. It is estimated that 75% of the children of prisoners will serve time in jails and prisons at some future time.

In the wake of World War II, the U.S. learned that it was in the best interests of the country to help our former enemies to re-build to prevent another war of larger proportions. Dismas Project recognizes that we must extend the same practices to those who live among us and their family members. Every individual has dignity and worth. Every individual has a God-given right to change and these are inalienable rights which cannot be stripped away by legal mandate or public opinion. Dismas Project is a response to the deafening silence which has surrounded this social crisis. It is a public commitment to provide informational resources to offenders and their family members and to educate professionals and the public about the reality of personal rehabilitation efforts.

We believe that there is strength in numbers. Those of us who have experienced past failures know that we can still become productive members of society, if provided with the opportunity to become equal shareholders in the future of our families, communities and our country Welcome to our community If you are a family member or friend please search our website for practical resources and ongoing support and feel free to ask questions which we will endeavor to answer. If you are an offender we are here to help you preserve your families and relationships. If you are a professional we encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities of rehabilitation and redemption.

If you are a member of the public get educated find out what is being done in your name. Ask yourself if you could survive a post-prison transition with a few dollars in your pocket, a mountain of stained reputation and a constant uphill journey? Everyone counts or NOBODY matters. There are “deposit laws” on the books to prevent discarding of throw-away bottles and containers, but we throw-away people routinely without giving a thought about their worth. We are all in the same lifeboat together, let’s share responsibility to bring every man, woman and child along with us. The future starts today for everyone.


14 million new arrests each year.

1 million estimated felony convictions each year.

2.4 million in prisons, jails and detention facilities.

8 million estimated to be on probation or parole.

30 million former offenders living in communities.

90 million family members and friends of incarcerated or released offenders.

Each individual within this population is trying to manage their lives and cope with the impact of personal damages that have been created. Precious few resources are available which offer a unique Christian perspective on achieving that goal. Even fewer resources are available to those seeking to understand the underlying psychological issues which contribute to self-destructive behaviors.

Dismas Project serves those who are socially isolated through encounters with the criminal justice system. SEVERCIDE is a term coined to describe the exclusionary process imposed by society. We incorporate a mail ministry to current U.S. death row prisoners as a continuing element of our outreach. We are organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Louisiana with a primary focus on spiritual and educational for impacted families and their members.

There are two other service arms to Dismas Project which include Knowetics, an educational resource providing various forums for families of offenders. This service arm is also responsible for developing accurate information for dissemination to mental health professionals, clergy, lawyers and community leaders who work with offenders and their family members. The other service arm is SEVERCIDE which engages in scientific research, hypothesis testing, data analysis and statistical studies as a resource for informing public policies issues and assessment of criminal justice theories for purposes of determining validity and reliability characteristics.

Dismas Project offers no apologetics for criminal activities. Nor does it seek to determine causation as a function of its outreach. We believe that there is .  universal struggle between the influences of good and evil forces. Dismas Project publically and privately accepts the Holy Bible as its ultimate authority, working with theological and psychological factors to reach individuals who have been deemed unfit to live in free society. The basic premise under which Dismas Project approaches its work, is that crimes are sins against the lawful authority of a loving God. Sins of all kinds are crimes against that loving God. Since we have all sinned, we are all guilty and deserve condemnation. This approach constitutes the only level playing field on which we may honestly evaluate the worth and dignity of any other person. Since JESUS CHRIST died for all and paid the price for our personal redemption, we are responsible for all the others who share this life boat called human existence.  Dismas Project is committed to pursuing, this goal one individual at a time, wherever or whenever there is a need.