When the elegant vehicle pulls away from its abode its destination is sure and certain. There are no return journeys, its passengers never voice any concerns over the journey. All are universally silent with respect to worldly matters, yet their very presence affirms the ultimate reality of life. Curiously no one seems to care who previously rode in this vehicle before they themselves graced its frame. There is a sobering lack of interest in its history or usage rather the events governing its presence always seem to command attention to the immediacy of the moment.

Few of us plan to use this transport to enshrine a triumphal casket adorned with layers of gloriously scented flowers, but it is essentially the final statement about the lives we have lived in our earthly confines. I have always regarded with interests those called upon the handle the arrangements as they stand next to the limousines furtively smoking their cigarettes and awaiting the moment when they can discharge their grim tasks and return to the livery. Seemingly unconcerned with the events occurring a short distance from them, they seem to be deficient in feelings about the momentous event being celebrated in a spiritual context. Perhaps they have developed a strange impervious immunity to grief and accountability as they process the human remains in an endless attempt to free the world of debris.

In some communities there is a tradition of pulling to the side of the road to allow a funeral procession to go by as if there were a check-in deadline imposed upon the decedent. In big cities these events take place without notice until the lightening of reality strikes one of our family members. Then we grow strangely sensitive and aware of the grief and loss of others. Since these matters occur in the twinkling of an eye and they have a tendency to morph into the vastness of our lives, we rarely incorporate the meaning of these events into our consciousness. Rather we allow the superficiality of our interests to accord a place in our memories alongside the dress we observed last week on sale or the car we considered buying five years ago.

How transitory our interests and our concerns. At some level of awareness we all recognize that we are facing our own date with those numbed and unconcerned drivers who chauffeur us into eternity. Perhaps you will avoid that scene and find yourself reduced to a box of ashes which will be lovingly grasped by someone who loved you. In any event we are all destined to join the unliving at some point and will we all waft away from the memories and demands of daily life in those remaining. It seems to be our very nature that we detach from those clarifying moments which bring us into contact with truth itself. Many will turn from this brief message expressing discomfort and uneasiness about its call to awareness, but all will ultimately face this reality as part of the lives we live today.

The only essential question which remains does not address what you will wear to your grave or what hearse will transport your body to its final place in the earth….no the essential question is where will you spend eternity?


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