The Family on Parole – A Life of Transparency

When an offender returns home and is on parole or probation, one of the primary conditions is that their residence is always subject to an unannounced and warrantless search.

In practical terms this means that there is no place in the family residence which is beyond search and scrutiny. No one in the family has any practical right to privacy while the offender is on parole or probation.

Personal records like wage statements, credit card expenses, banking statements must be displayed to the parole or probation supervisor upon demand.

A curfew is likely to be imposed upon the newly released offender. Monitoring devices may be utilized to ensure compliance with the terms of release.

Individuals on parole have been known to be violated and returned to prison for breaking curfew or having access to alcohol or drugs, even if they belong to someone else.

It is highly unlikely that firearms will be permitted in a former prisoner’s home. Check with legal counsel to determine your rights to ownership and/or possession.

Unexpected changes of address or jobs as well as a dirty drug test or a positive result for alcohol use can trigger an immediate revocation and return to prison.

Failure to check the mandated parole or probation appointments and to pay the necessary supervision fees will result in a return to custody. Excuses will not work the authorities are seeking strict compliance.


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