In the last week I have received 64 letters returned by prison authorities, these letters had been sent to death row prisoners through the Dismas Project outreach ministry. Hallelujah, that’s exactly what I said, Hallelujah!  It is clear to me that we have been making serious inroads into satan’s darkest holes and places of despair. We have begun to shine a light among those who are most rejected by society. Dismas Project must have become a threat to satan’s dominion in their lives and the possibility that God’s word can still reach their minds and souls even while they await their deaths.

This action, while fostered at the hands of prison workers, is not a reflection on them, but merely an indication of their inability to see the potential to reach the most lost among us. I think that this springs from a misunderstood notion of self-righteousness, but I firmly believe that it is done in error, not with a malicious spirit. Please pray that the Lord Himself will awaken these souls to an accurate understanding of His Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness. Surely if we deny these gifts to others, than we will never be able to claim them for ourselves.

The photo attached to this post is of that stack of returned letters. Do not waste time fretting about the actions of our fellow human beings, but please join me in a solid wave of prayer for this ministry and for the lives that we are attempting to touch with our monthly letters. Each life counts; God values all life and that is why He created it. Let us act in a manner which is consistent with the way He sees every one of us. This is not a commentary on the death penalty and it is not a symbolic form of protesting social justice issues. This is a direct request to value the lives of others as we seek to be valued by others.

Please join me this month in praying for the souls of the 3146 men and women across America in death row cells. Pray for them as you would want others to pray for you and your family members. Not because they are worthy, but because they are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers of others who live in our communities in silent shame and pain. Please pray for their family members who struggle daily in the towns and cities of our country. Pray that a spirit of revival would break out in death row cells everywhere, a time of personal surrender and reconciliation with Our Heavenly Father.  Last, stay informed about the realities of our governments criminal justice policy of mass incarceration by regularly visiting  No depth of depravity or perversity can conquer the love of God or prayer in action. Be blessed in all you do.





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