Social Barriers and Community Scrutiny

Coldness and distance many become hallmarks governing old relationships in a new unfamiliar way. You may find that you are no longer welcomed in some circles, while your children are excluded from continued contact with other children.

Be prepared to receive U.S. mail from your incarcerated family member, with the words, “STATE PRISON” stamped on the front and back of the envelope.

Business people, with whom you have done business for years, may suddenly be reluctant to accept your check, or process your credit card without showing ID. There is a distinct gap from the way you had previously been viewed, in relation the way you are treated now.

If you are a wife raising children, you are likely to become a target for the interests of others who seek to use your situation for their own agenda. Be careful in accepting gifts from those you do not know. Counsel your children likewise.

Your plight may become the focus of those whose primary purpose is the get into your business for reasons of gossip. Some people make themselves feel better at the expense of those who are less fortunate. Be cautious.

Plan your activities ahead so that you minimize your public exposure to those who would profit in any way from your pain and shame. Just having a family member in prison makes you an object of interest.

Develop a relationship of accountability with a same-sex believer whose is rooted in their Christian spirituality. This communication link may become an essential support as you and your family work through the challenges of surviving a period of incarceration.

Locate a Christian advisor to help you plan a budget and to manage your financial obligations. Unless the family had money before the prison term, the period of this sentence may require hard fiscal choices to survive intact as a family.


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