Perimeter Psychology, Labels and Severcide

Psychological evaluations are part of a court ordered exam and always happen upon admission to prison. There is no practical appeal from the determinations made by institutional professional staff.

It is a common practice to diagnosis an incoming offender with Antisocial Personality Disorder or other like diagnoses. These diagnoses are then used to make a determination at what prison an offender will housed and what training programs they will be allowed to engage in while incarcerated.

These diagnoses can haunt an individual through later years, so do all that you can to remain current on the official records maintained by the correctional agency. Some release restrictions are likely to be imposed based upon these findings, so be aware and be proactive.

In some jurisdictions these prison records serve as the information packet provided to parole boards, pardon boards, probation supervisor’s and media  contact. They may be rife with errors, so be sure to obtain copies of all these documents for purposes of review and correction.

Labels are a way of life when you become engaged in the criminal justice process. It is better to develop a tough outer hide and focus upon what God says: “You are my precious child.”

Slings and arrows will be launched against family members by those consumed with bitterness and a spirit lacking any indication of forgiveness. To those launching such attacks, there is little focus about who they hit. Be prepared for the occasional wound and practice forgiveness toward others.

Servercide is a term which has been developed to encompass the government and political approaches to exclusionary practices. While its primary targets are offenders and their family members, it may also be used to embrace those with birth limitations or behavioral defects.

Severcide is thought to directly impact the lives of one third of the American population. Given the targets of severcide, there is little interest or empathy for those who are stigmatized.


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