Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness

In addition to the primary gift of life, these are spiritual assets available to everyone. These tools are the mechanisms which can transform our lives from self-dependent to God-centered. They are not passively applied, but require active intervention.

Mercy was active up through the last moments of Jesus Christ’s earthly life. In that moment He assured the thief on the cross next to Him that “Today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

Mercy is the means that keeps us from utter devastation and hopelessness. His mercies are renewed each morning.

Jesus Christ has a special place in His heart for offenders, wrong doers and those who suffer as a result of their actions. Do not give up before you experience His victory for your offender and the rest of your family.

Grace is that flow of blessings which we receive each day. We have done nothing to earn it rather God provides grace to guide us through our daily lives. Most often we never recognize this gift, but once in a while, the effect of grace will be so startling that it imposes its own reality upon our lives.

Grace does not only flow from God to us, but is provided to each of us with the obligation to pass it on to others. Freely received and freely given.

Forgiveness is the single word which sums up the ministry of Jesus Christ. He came to provide us with forgiveness by His death in our place. He clinched the victory with His resurrection. There are none excluded from this promise. All we need do is reach out and accept His gift.

Forgiveness is not a popular concept. Yet it is love in action and it has the capacity to heal all wounds. Acts of forgiveness will not produce true friendships rather most likely you will be rebuffed. Forgiveness is the coin of the heavenly realms, the currency of love.


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