I believe that we all hunger to be loved intensely and specifically. Our journeys through life afford us the opportunity to seek shelter briefly in a variety of oases that afford us a glimpse of His love. But ultimately that longing for fulfillment can only be satisfied by an encounter with the One that has the capacity to fully understand our innermost beings: Our Creator. As individuals we function poorly, grasping at various notions of love wrapped in the trappings of culture. We settle for poor approximations of the truth and refuse to consider the fact that it is only in the act of complete surrender that we find total personal fulfillment.

That is the essence of true love, to surrender to a force so powerful and real that it can transform us from creatures of selfishness and habit into yielded servants seeking opportunities to bless others in His name. The reality of transformation is found in the spiritual process which guides our personal metamorphose from cumbersome self-centered grotesque caterpillars mysteriously into beautiful butterflies of promise and joy. We dot the landscape of life and briefly encounter others on the same journey. Before the transformation we insist that we want to remain spiritual caterpillars focused upon seeking out continuous gratification of our wanton desires. We live out our lives with a restlessness that can never be satisfied with the transitory distractions of existence.

We hunger for fulfillment and purpose, but insist that these needs can only be satisfied through the relentless attainment of people, places and things. We stumble from experience to experience in the mindless search for self-actualization, believing that we are ultimately capable of filling the God shaped hole in our lives. With a ruthless disregard for the realities of our cumulative experiences we renew our efforts and again commit ourselves to a new search pattern sorting through the debris of life. Amid the rubble of reality we seek personal pleasures through the acquisition of new exciting, stimulating life experiences. The folly of these fruitless efforts remains beyond our consciousness until we experience a tipping point of personal defeat.

We come to surrender, the doorway of love and acceptance, through a variety of personal encounters but we all arrive weary, broken and deeply wounded. In is only in the quiet anteroom of His Throne that we stop our furious search for self-fulfillment and start to consider the folly of our ways. It is only when I come to the reality experiencing defeat that I begin to entertain the truth about my need for an intimate relationship with my Creator. That awareness comes from the hunger of His love for us. It matters little in the eternal spiritual economy which governs all life whether I am a CEO or a convict. Those are only meaningless earthly standards that hold no sway in the heavenly realms. We all stand before His authority, naked, exposed and vulnerable, but deeply loved. In our search for intimacy and love, He invites us to open ourselves to the experience of total acceptance and fulfillment. His love is unequaled in intensity, and it is always specific to the needs of our spiritually hungry hearts.


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