Institutional Boundaries and Obstacles

Once your family member has been imprisoned, be prepared to be treated with suspicion and mistrust when dealing with prison authorities.

You will have to submit a background investigation application to arrange permission for visiting privileges.

Once visiting privileges have been granted, you will usually be restricted to certain visiting days and/or hours. Also the number of visitors is usually restricted.

Depending upon the prison facility, your visiting may be non-contact through a phone and glass window, or you may have contact visiting privileges in a large monitored room.

With contact visiting you may be permitted a brief hug and/or kiss at the beginning and end of your visit. Intimate behaviors will result in the termination of contact visiting privileges.

When visiting with children, they must be monitored at all times. Usually simple acts like allowing a child to sit on a prisoner’s lap will be discouraged.

Check before visiting to ascertain the dress regulations, you WILL be turned away if you or your children do not meet the appropriate dress requirements.

Always check the institutional mail and package regulations before sending anything to a loved one. There is usually a short list of things you can send, when you can send them and a list of eligibility requirements which YOU must meet before your loved one can receive items from outside of the prison. Always check before taking action to avoid unnecessary expense, disposal of your mailed packages and restrictions on contents.


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