Faith and Hope

Faith stems from a spiritual seed planted in our hearts. It is a personal response to Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness. Scripture is rich with many stories of impossibilities becoming realities. Do not give up before the miracle happens.

Faith is the opportunity to join with God’s plan for our lives. Faith requires surrender and acceptance in all domains where self-interests have previously reigned supreme -. One small step at a time.

Faith is its own reward. Out of the small seed of faith flows all of the power and direction we will ever need to fulfill our roles in God’s plan for our lives.

Have faith in His promise to use any and all circumstances toward our good. Hold onto that promise with every ounce of strength that you have within you.

Hope is the candle wick which floats on the oil of faith. It burns brightest in the darkest moments of adversity. Consider that hope is to adversity as warmth is to the sun.

Hope is born of faith, develops in the decisions we make throughout the day. Each day it is rekindled in every new encounter with pain and shame. It never yields to defeat.

Hope is what helps us to wake up every morning, to go to work, to love with abandon, to save money, to marry and have children, to pray and to worship. It courses through our lives in many forms and helps to sustain our lives.

Hope flows behind the battle lines of every life. It nourishes our souls with the sweet fruit of confidence in the promises of God. Even in death we take our hope as our companion on our final journey.


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