Divine Order

Divine Order

A sparrow has the choice of landing on an alley cat’s back, but it is likely making a fatal decision in doing so. A baby lamb can wander into the midst of a pack of wolves, but it is likely to survive this decision. An infant can reach out to grasp a venomous snake rattling its deadly warning, but its institutively understands that there is danger in that moment. The world would have us believe that these situations are governed by “common sense” which has been developed from eons of developing evolutionary processes. The world tells us that these are accidental adaptions of nature, not the results of divine interventions. The fact is that the world was created by God and His creation was designed to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in all manners of life. The creation is groaning and staggering under the weight of sin and trespasses. This reality exists because of the sin of our spiritual parents Adam and Eve, who chose to rebel against the law of God. Their free-will choice to abandon God’s word and to choose to act on Satan’s lies led them into rebellion against God’s lawful authority.

God has created us with a sense of divine order to guide our choices. That is the presence of that small voice that speaks protection and blessing into our lives when we are confronted with choices that will harm us and others. Our free will is a gift from God and it makes us uniquely human. We can chose to obey His voice in our lives, or to live out our own personal sinful choices. God never forces us to accept His loving guidance. He allows us to bear the consequences of our sinful choices and to learn from the pain that we suffer. As individuals we can make the choice to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us how to live out the commands of Jesus Christ, or we can choose the folly of our own whims and desires which inevitability lead to disappointment, dissatisfaction and despair. That was the meaning of Jesus word, when He told His disciples that He would send them another Comforter who would never leave them. We have been personally assured of God’s presence in our lives, if we make the choice to follow Jesus Christ.

I do not have to struggle with aspects of my life, if I am truly willing to seek out His will for me. He will guide me through the divine order that has already been implanted in my soul. No matter how I have messed up or how broken I am He stands ready to take me where I am and make a new life. The key to this spiritual interaction with God lays in my willingness to recognize that I have come to the end of my own abilities and the understanding that even now God can make something beautiful of the sinful choices that I have previously made. All it takes is an act of surrender to Him and a willingness to be healed. He can take the worst things that we have ever done and raise up a blessing to His own name if we are willing to trust in His word. Do you need to travel any further on the road of self-will or can you pull over and get a clear sense of the direction you have been moving? In the quiet of this moment all you need to do is ask Him to forgive you and to create a new life in you that brings Him glory and honor. After all, it is not about us, it is ultimately about the God who created us with a special inner knowledge of Him and His love for us.

There are no limits on God’s goodness……find out for yourself.


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