Developing a Personal Pardon Plan – Gratitude

When the totality of the damage we have done in the lives of others becomes revealed to us at a personal level, most individual will have moments feeling overcome by shame and grief. Use those moments to move on in life and embrace the opportunities they offer.

Do not look to a governmental board or the governor or president to issue you an official pardon. Your pardon has come from the top authority, Jesus Christ and it cannot be revoked.

Use the assessment time in the aftermath of re-discovering your true life to determine what you can do consistently for others on an anonymous basis; the joy is in the giving

Start your pardon plan by seeking personal reconciliation with God in the privacy of your heart. Surrender it all and ask Him to direct your future paths

The next step in drafting your pardon plan is family, which includes all members no matter how distant how have been offended or injured by our actions. The key to making this happen is to try to restore what has been lost by these others. We are not responsible for how they accept it, only for making a genuine attempt to repair and restore what has been lost.

The next element in developing a personal pardon plan is to do an honest inventory of our lives, counting the good and the bad. Once determined we make a list of things which we must complete to restore lost parts of our lives and we work to create those accomplishments.

The next component of your personal plan is the development of a very private action plan to reach out to others in your community who appear to be excluded, isolated, friendless, anger, mean and sullen consistently spending a brief time with them, a kind word of encouragement and perhaps a cup of coffee. These are your sheep, your personal flock to care for and feed.

The last element in a personal pardon plan is to determine what one small project can you do for others living well beyond our national borders. Perhaps making a donation toward digging a water well: Pledging a year’s support for the education of a needy child: Writing someone who has no one to reach out to them. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is done with an attitude of gratitude. Then stand back and watch how these gifts start to spill over into the lives of others.


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