Your current situation troubles my heart more than you could know. It pains me to see you struggling with choices that I know will harm you and leave you wounded for a lifetime. Yet I know that unless I let you move ahead and discover these things for yourself, then you will never come to understand how much I really love you.

When the steel cell door closed behind you it left a ringing sound in my memory that has echoed through all of my thoughts about you. Just as you suffer now behind walls and barbed wire, I also suffer to see you in such pain. It seems that you cannot hear my voice anymore saying I love you. You have forgotten the quiet moments we have shared in the past. Your very being calls out for care and comfort, but when I seek to bring you into fellowship with me, you push away and distance yourself.

So I am left with watching you destroy yourself and others. My only way to reach you is to stand apart and allow you to exercise your own free will. Perhaps in some future season your pain will become unbearable and in your anguish you will call upon me to come to your aid. That seems to be the way that many of my children find their way back into a loving relationship with me. I am waiting patiently for your invitation to come to your assistance. It is my great love for you that keeps me waiting patiently in the shadows of your life.

As you look at the cold starkness of the world that now surrounds you, it is difficult to remember loving moments and the warmth of someone who loves you. While the cold prison environment embraces your body and limits your mind, please let your spirit reach out and be touched with my love and care for you. You are my precious child, how could I ever fail to remember you as my own. Come home sweet child, to the One who truly loves you and waits to welcome you back home. We will have a feast to welcome you home and you will truly be loved as one of the family.

Your Loving Father


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