One day I reached the intersection of the Road to Damascus and the Road to Emmaus. With all the tenderness of a loving Father, God showed me the reality of how I had lived my life. He did not spare me from the consequences of my sinful choices, instead He guided me through the process of loving restoration. He breathed into my life new meaning and new purpose. I fully understand the meaning of being born again.

Over the nearly forty years since this encounter, I have watched my country lurch along a pathway destined to take us into the abyss of destruction. I have held my voice as I expected others more righteous than I to stand up and pled God’s cause among our countrymen. I have kept my peace when I should have been a voice for what I know to be truth. I have stood by and waited for the hand of God to express itself in the decisions of various courts and the power of the voting booth. I have waited for God as He was urging my conscience to be His voice in all of my affairs.

I am a deeply flawed man who has violated the laws of God and man. I am also a man who was snatched from the hellish blazing fire with my shirttails and hair smoldering. I can remember the stench, I can still feel the grit on my skin. The memory of the spiritual heat bears witness to His divine capacity to rescue the lost. In all of my lawlessness, I never perceived myself as a rebel or one who had little affection for my country of birth. I was just living out my life and enjoying myself.

I have come to understand that beyond all of my youthful indiscretions, I had always held a strong belief in what this nation was founded upon and the principles that we as a people held near and dear. I knew that deep in my heart, I loved my country in spite of my actions and would be willing to give my life to defend her. I have no doubt that there are many others who have also been snatched from the fires of destruction, who have a deep and abiding love for this country. Perhaps because of the physical and spiritual salvation that we received so freely, we as a group, are in a unique position to intercede for our country at this time. We know the reality of God’s power, perhaps we need to emerge from the shadows of society and become visible examples of God’s love in our lives.

Now our country has staggered to the edge and totters on the brink of ruin. Over the course of human history, God has always brought forth His word among those who truly love Him. This time is no different. But now, that task may fall to those who have stumbled badly in the past and have personally known the saving power of a gracious God. We who have been rescued from eternal damnation and isolation within society, have a unique opportunity to kindle the spiritual fires of thankfulness and petition God for His continued mercy upon our country.

Oh brothers and sisters, we have been personally shown the power of God in our own lives. If we truly love our nation, than of all citizens, we should be at the forefront of this great spiritual battle for the survival of our beloved country. Have mercy upon us Lord for our blindness. May the scales of moral indifference fall from our eyes and may we see Your glory rest again upon this nation. Please pour into each of our individual lives the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and guide us to be light and salt in the darkest corners of our country. Let the restoration of relationships begin among us, as we come and kneel before Your throne.

Lord, as Your people we have prayed for revival. Now Lord, please light the torch of revival in our spirits and bind us together as one people, pledged to serve You in all areas of our lives. We can do nothing of our own power, but petition You to answer this prayer for national protection and spiritual provision. We will follow You Lord, for where else would we go in such a time of moral darkness. Through Your power, may those of us who have known Your loving kindness, gather together again as a people set apart to serve You each day of our lives.


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