At first glance it might seem to be a contradiction, but a silent ministry is a vision for reaching out to others without engaging in critical commentary about governmental policies or society’s rejection of those who have failed in various aspects of community life. While our efforts focus upon restoration of lost human relationships with Our Savior, Dismas Project may use facts to inform the public of the scope of human needs within our country.

A silent ministry is also a vision to pour our efforts into reaching others in the Name of Jesus Christ without becoming bogged down in the business of ministry. In plain language that means that our focus is set upon outreach efforts, not fund raising activities. It is the vision of this ministry that the Lord Himself will provide for all of our needs. The Holy Bible teaches that His grace is sufficient for all of our problems and needs. This ministry embraces His word and commits itself to fulfilling its obligations under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that The Father has a plan for each of our lives which will be fulfilled in due season. Dismas Project seeks to be the hands and feet of His Son, Jesus Christ. We place ourselves totally within the care of His great love and purpose for our existence. In doing so we are making a public expression of faith in His goodness and faithfulness. We fully accept the premise that everything written in His word is true and applies to our lives and ultimate purposes in life.

Dismas Project sees it primary purpose as reaching out to those who have offended society through unlawful behaviors and their family members who suffer rejection because of their association with the offenders. Restoration starts at the lowest level of society and moves upward as we work together to create a true fellowship of brotherhood and common purpose. There is no one beyond the love of Jesus Christ or His willingness to forgive. His death on the cross was for each of us, not just a select few.

We are blessed to have a clear vision of our purpose and believe that in the grace of God, lives are transformed and the purpose in life is restored. Our trust is based solely upon the Word of God He is our strength and hope. Please join us in praying for the rejected of society: All of those who have been living in the shadows of our communities. You can do this most effectively through the act of daily prayer for this ministry and its outreach to the lost. Every prayer, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant is heard by our God. Please join us daily in praying that a spirit of reconciliation sweeps through our country and guides us to a new place of purpose and hope in His care and love. We ask that the fire of His great love is ignited in each of our lives.


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